Preparing for the Ordeal

The Ordeal is a series of tasks designed to test your sincere dedication to the high ideals of Scouting and the Order of the Arrow. As you prepare to undertake the Ordeal, look below to see what you need to bring to be fully successful in your Induction as an Ordeal member in our Order:

What to bring

  1. Plastic ground cloth

  2. Sleeping bag

  3. Full Scout Uniform

  4. Work clothes and gloves

  5. Backpack

  6. Flashlight

  7. Medication (if needed)

  8. Rain Gear

  9. Water Bottle

  10. Personal Hygiene items

  11. Anything else needed to be prepared for the weather and elements

What you will recieve

  1. Membership in the Order of the Arrow

  2. Current year’s OA dues

  3. National OA Handbook

  4. OA Ordeal Sash

  5. Red Candy Coup Arrowhead

  6. Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Cracker barrel

  7. Sunday Breakfast

Any questions about the Ordeal process and what to bring can be directed to the Elangomat Chair at