Additional Program

*Additional Programming may not be offered at Tamegonit Induction Events in 2021. This is Subject to decision on April 1st, 2021.

Induction Weekends are service weekends designed to welcome in new members to our Brotherhood of Cheerful service. As such, there is very little program occurring during induction weekends, as we encourage all attendees to give a half day of service to our reservations and then attend all ceremonies to welcome in our new brothers.

That being said, the Lodge has made arrangements for some limited programs to be offered during the Weekend events during the day Saturday for your youth that are not participating in the Ordeal or Brotherhood processes. These programs are offered as supplements to your own unit programming you are encouraged to plan for those scouts in your troop. It is discouraged to depend solely on these programs as your plans for unit members not participating in any of the OA events during the day Saturday. We also ask for your flexibility as the availability and/or timing of these programs may change due to circumstances beyond our control (i.e. weather).

Trail to First Class

In the morning, a Trail to First Class training will be held. The location of the training will be announced during breakfast and will last from 8:00-11:30 in the morning; giving participants plenty of time to enjoy our trading post in between meals and training.

The following requirements will be covered in the Trail to First Class Training:

Tenderfoot 3a-3c, 4a-4c, 5a-5c, 7a

Second Class 1b, 6a-6e, 8b

First Class 1b, 3b, 5b-5d, 7c, 7f

These Scout skills will include trainings such as first aid, knot tying, how to perform a flag ceremony, Leave No Trace, personal safety, and many more.

Directly after lunch, the Lodge Chief will lead a quick 15-20 minute session on the Order of the Arrow to inform scouts about its purpose. This will be led from the front porch of the Dining Hall.

A map will also be available at check in with a 5 mile hike mapped out, so you can explore Camp Naish.

Finally, help will also be needed in performing the flag ceremonies on Saturday and Sunday. These can help meet certain rank requirements, including Tenderfoot 7a and Second Class 8a.

Service Project

A service project for both current arrowmen and non-arrowmen attendees will be provided. Information on where to meet will be provided in the weekend's schedule as well as announced during Breakfast. As a service organization, we challenge everyone to participate in some form of service during the weekend. These can be used towards Tenderfoot 7b, Second Class 8e, First Class 9d, Star 4, or Life 4.

Please contact the ServiceCorps Chairman, Kurt Johnson, at with any questions.

Cooking Class

Starting at 2:00, the Kitchen staff will be putting on a training in the Dining Hall that will last approximately two hours. You will assist them in preparing a meal and/or dessert for dinner. Requirements that will be covered in this training include, but are not limited to, Tenderfoot 2a, Second Class 2e, and First Class 2d-2e. This is a great way to teach Scouts how to cook properly, knock out rank advancement and merit badge requirements, and serve by providing food for the events. (It may even count as service hours for other rank requirements…)


Unit Leader Training

Saturday Morning, join the Lodge Adviser and Lodge Chief in the Dining Hall after Breakfast for an informational session on the Order of the Arrow, how OA can benefit your unit, and an open forum on how Tamegonit Lodge can better serve its members. It will last for about an hour.

Additional Programs

Additional program may be offered, potentially including crate stacking, sack racing, tomahawk throwing, and many others. If being offered, these will be announced at the Leader’s Meeting and during meals with their location and time offerings.

If you have any questions about additional program, please contact the Vice Chief of Program, Carly Welter, at