General Information


During each induction weekend we will be utilizing a free text messaging service to keep leaders on reservation up to date and informed. We ask that all adults sign up for the texting service upon arriving. The texting service codes will be available when you arrive at the event on a whiteboard in front of the great house.


There will be over 700 people at Naish during the Induction Weekend. With that many people, come a lot of cars. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you carpool. We need everyone, while following the Guide to Safe Scouting, to fill vehicles with as many people and as much gear as possible. Think of it like attending a concert or large sporting event with not enough parking.


Parking will be at an extraordinary premium during the weekend! Please follow the directions of those young men and advisers running the parking process. They are there to ensure safety, first and foremost, and orderly and efficient use of space in our limited parking lots. It’s also helpful for traffic flow to continue moving as directed rather than stopping to discuss a parking issue. We appreciate your help to make parking just a little bit easier! Parking is assigned by the campsite area where you are camping.

Units from Blue Elk, Northern Lights, Golden Eagle and High Trails will be parking in the Clark's Fork and South Camp parking lots. Units from Big Muddy, HOAC, Iron Horse, Kaw, Lone Bear, Pelathe, Pioneer Trails, Shawnee Trails, Soaring Eagle, Spirit Trail and Twin Rivers will park in the Central Camp and Cub World Parking lots. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL PARKING BE ALLOWED ALONG ANY ROADS; THE ROADS MUST BE CLEAR OF VEHICLES TO ALLOW FOR POTENTIAL EMERGENCY VEHICLE ENTRY AND EXIT. WE ASK THAT YOU ALSO AVOID PARKING ON ANY GRASSY AREAS ON RESERVATION. Naish reserves the right to tow any cars violating this policy at the car owner’s expense. Please do not bring troop trailers to this events as well as we do not have the space to accomodate these vehicles for parking. If you are parking in Clark's Fork, we would ask you to avoid parking in front of the burn pile. The staff helping park you are working to make sure that everyone gets in safely and that roads are accessible for any emergency vehicle; please work cooperatively with them to ensure everyone gets into camp in a safe and timely manner.


Your district is pre-assigned to a certain camping location. Units from Blue Elk, Northern Lights, Golden Eagle and High Trails will camp in Clark's Fork. units from Big Muddy, HOAC, Iron Horse, Kaw, Lone Bear, Pelathe, Pioneer Trails, Shawnee Trails, Soaring Eagle, Spirit Trail and Twin Rivers will camp in North Meadow. Everyone in your unit can proceed directly to your assigned camping area. Additionally, district campsite boundaries will be flagged prior to your arrival; please DO NOT move flags upon arrival! Once you’ve found an area in the district boundaries to set-up, your Order of teh Arrow Unit Representative (OAUR) & Scoutmaster should walk to the Great House to check-in. When the OAUR & Scoutmaster arrives at registration to check your unit in, a large map will be available for the OAUR & Scoutmaster to show the staff at registration where on the map your troop is camping.


Registration will open at 4:00 p.m. on Friday. As soon as your unit has arrived at your campsite, the OAUR & Scoutmaster immediately need to walk to the Great House. The location of registration is in The Great House next to the Camp Office and the Health Lodge. Be sure you have health forms on hand of everyone in your unit on hand when you come to The Great House to check in. We will verify your participants, review any payment discrepancies, and confirm your unit’s specific camping location. There is no refund for no shows at OA events.


Absolutely NO walk-in registration will be allowed. Any walk-in may register for another Induction and then will be asked to leave. If you have someone who you registered for the Induction Weekend, but cannot make it, you will be allowed replace that spot with another person in the same type of registration (i.e. a non-Arrowmen who is not going through Ordeal who cannot make it may be replaced by another non-Arrowman or Arrowman). EXCEPTION: if someone who could be an Ordeal or Brotherhood candidate can fill in for another Arrowman/non-Arrowman who cannot attend Induction Weekend, you may add them as a replacement and pay the difference at check-in.


Anyone and everyone at Induction Weekend MUST have a wristband to be on Reservation. Anyone that is not wearing a wristband will be asked to immediately check-in at the Great House to verify that they should be on Reservation for Induction Weekend. If you are unable to verify registration for the weekend, you will be asked to leave the Reservation. The Gate will open to camp at 4:00 on Friday and will be closed until Sunday Morning. To leave, you MUST check-out at the Great House and be given the exit code to leave camp. If you need to arrive at camp while the gate is closed, you must pick up the phone at the front gate and have the camp office let you in. Immediately check in at the Great House upon arrival.


Driving MUST be kept to an absolute minimum once you’ve arrived. Please adhere to ALL speed limits on the Reservation. With nearly 700 people on the Reservation, the risk of vehicle accidents will be diminished if you limit driving to only necessary situations. Camp vehicles, permitted staff vehicles and camp Kubota’s should be the only vehicles transporting anything for work projects and/or emergency procedures.


This year we will only hold one (1) Leaders’ Meeting in the Dining Hall at 9:00 PM. Topics we will address include Emergency Procedure Information, KP, Unit Service, any potential schedule changes, and any other questions that you may have. Leaders’ Meeting will begin promptly at 9:00 PM. If you miss the scheduled Leader’s Meeting, you are welcome to talk to any Inductions Staff Member to be pointed in the right direction.


Brotherhood Ceremonies will be held on Saturday afternoon; Ordeal ceremonies will be held in the evening. All ceremonies will be held at Whippoorwill this year. Any visitors to Ceremonies MUST check in at the Great House prior to coming to Ceremonies. You must have a wristband from check-in to attend ceremonies. Please refer to the information above regarding On-Site Security. Arrowmen who are attending ceremonies as visitors only should not eat any meals at the Dining Hall. A Ceremony schedule will be provided at the event.


With nearly 700 people at Induction Weekend, we need to ensure everyone eats! We are going to need everyone’s help with KP. All districts will be assigned to a meal to help with KP. Those duties include setting and serving food at the beginning of each meal and cleaning up after each meal. Adults KP’s will be helping run the dishwasher. There will be a KP duty roster posted in the Dining Hall and in the weekend’s Pamphlet. Close to 700 people will be eating in the Dining Hall at each meal, so we will also need help making sure proper food portions are being given out so everyone can eat and making sure people who are done eating are not loitering while people who are at the end of the line are looking for places to sit down to eat. All our tables are capable of seating eight people; we need to ensure all seats are being used during meals.


If we have to enact any emergency procedures this weekend, we will utilize shelters throughout Naish as summarized on page 14 of the weekend's schedule. PLEASE PREPARE FOR COOL RAINY WEATHER CAMPING; RAIN GEAR, HEAVY SLEEPING BAGS, JACKETS, GLOVES, HATS, SOCKS, AND LAYERS OF CLOTHING ARE ALL APPROPRIATE FOR THE WEEKEND. We will continue to track forecasts and use all our resources to keep everyone safe in the case of severe weather or other potential emergencies. Storm shelter locations are on the map on page 3; emergency procedure information is on page 14 of the schedule.


The Trading Post will be open throughout the weekend. We encourage you to visit the Trading Post to purchase Arrowheads for your new Ordeal and Brotherhood candidates, update your coup thongs with beads or purchase some of our new OA and camp T-shirt or camping gear. Several items will be on sale this weekend.

The Lodge Executive Committee is committed to providing an increased level of customer service to each of you. We hope that this information is a welcome big step in that direction as we continue to grow the profile and significance of Order of the Arrow in Heart of America Council!