After a period of 10 months, an Ordeal member may seal his membership in the Order of the Arrow with Brotherhood membership. An arrowman should only do this if he feels he is ready to move on to the next step in the Order of the Arrow.


After a period of self-relfeciton and service to your troop, chapter and lodge, totalling no less than 10 months, an Ordeal may choose to seal thier membership in the Order of the Arrow. Before they can do this, they will be asked to do a few tasks listed below:

  • Register for an Induction Weekend as a Brotherhood Candidate
  • View the Pre-Ordeal Ceremony Friday Night
  • Give back to your Council, Camp, and Lodge through service Saturday Morning
  • Write a Letter to the Lodge Secretary detailing why you wish to become a Brotherhood member and your plan to give richer service to your Troop, Chapter, Lodge, Camp, and Council
  • Practice and be tested on the Following Objectives
    • The OA Obligation
    • The OA Song
    • The OA Handclasp
    • Other aspects of the Order of the Arrow and its practices as outlined in the OA handbook
  • Participate in a Nimat Hike and Ceremony

As a brotherhood member, you are expected to give richer service to your lodge to fully dedicate yourself.

If you have any questions about the brotherhood process, please contact the Nimat Chairman, Kurt Johnson, at