My Fellow Arrowmen,

Welcome to the Tamegonit Lodge Digital Inductions Packet. Here you will find all of the necessary information to participate in a Tamegonit Lodge Induction. Whether you are a Scoutmaster, Order of the Arrow member, parent, or even a newly elected Ordeal Candidate, there is information on here for you. Please, look below and register for the Induction that best fits your time schedule and needs. Additionally, please look throughout the website and its tabs, as there is pertinent information about our Inductions that all need to read, from the most seasoned Scoutmaster, to the newest Ordeal Candidate. I can't wait for the Induction Season we are about to provide you in 2019 and hope you are able to experience it with me!


Grady Vap | Vice Chief of Inductions


2019 Inductions

Thank You for a Great Induction Year

We completed 2019 with 603 new ordeals and 307 new brotherhoods. Hope to see everyone next year to come and help out!

Winter Venturing Induction – February 1-3, 2019; Registration Deadline – January 18, 2019

Spring Induction #1 – April 26-28, 2019; Registration Deadline – April 12, 2019

Spring Induction #2 – May 17-19, 2019; Registration Deadline – May 3, 2019

Summer Induction #1 – June 5-6, 2019; Registration Deadline – May 24, 2019

Summer Induction #2 – June 12-13, 2019; Registration Deadline – May 31, 2019

Fall Induction #1 (Bartle) – August 9-11, 2019; Registration Deadline – July 26, 2019

Fall Induction #2 – August 23-25, 2019; Registration Deadline – August 9, 2018


Register at the links above or complete and send the enclosed registration form to Camping Services at the Heart of America Council along with payment, payable to the Heart of America Council, by the appropriate deadline for the weekend.

Paper Registration Document

Special Needs Requests

If you have a Special Needs Request, please fill out the following form and turn it in to the Council Office at the time of your registration. Special Needs Requests forms need to be turned in at the registration deadline so we can best accomodate your needs. If turned in after the deadline, we will try to appease your special needs request, but will not be able to guarentee that all of the requirements will be met.

OA Special Needs Form Request


Please email either: