Letter from the chief

My fellow Arrowmen,

I am excited for the year ahead of us! With Inductions quickly approaching this spring, the Lodge Executive Committee has been working diligently to provide a quality experience to all who enter the gates of Naish or Bartle. Our versatile program will extend to all council camps; we will continue to serve all Brothers in the Heart of America Council. Last year, we inducted over 600 new members into our honored Order, and almost 400 Arrowmen sealed their membership by becoming Brotherhood Members. We will also have programs available for those not involved in the Induction process, such as the Trail to Eagle training and service projects.

Tamegonit Lodge has a variety of opportunities to get involved. The best and easiest way is to attend Chapter meetings (typically at your district’s roundtable), where your Chapter Chief will pass along information about all of the events for this year. Our chapters are responsible for doing our unit elections and callouts. Additionally, if you take any photos of Arrowman at any Scouting event, including inductions, please send them to socialmediachair@tamegonit.org. All Arrowmen, youth and adult, are also welcome to attend our Lodge Executive Committee meetings, occurring once a month at the council service center, typically at 7pm on the third Thursday of the month.

As always, the TWO-WEEK REGISTRATION DEADLINE is in effect. In past years this policy has eased the process of sharing advance information with participants, allowed for faster check-in, and made for better planning of food and supplies for candidates and campers, allowed earlier publishing of scheduled ceremonies.

The Lodge Executive Committee and I are eager to see you at the upcoming Inductions and Lodge events. As the one of the largest lodges in the nation with over 3,500 registered dues-paying members, I want as many Scouts and Scouters to experience our program as we enter our second century of service!

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email me at chief@tamegonit.org.


Brian Blood

2019 Lodge Chief